News regarding QlikView 10.0 SR2

QlikView 10.0 SR2 has been published recently.

This article contains a summary of the most important changes.

QlikView for iPad / Ajax Touch Client

The SR2 contains the new rendering engine optimized for touch feeling with the iPad client.

Have a look a the following articles/viedos:

Introducing QlikView on iPad

A “marketing” video in QlikView on iPad 🙂
YouTube Preview Image

Quick Tour on QlikView on iPad

YouTube Preview Image

QlikView on iPad: Full Tour

Video on YouTube with detailed explanation of all new features …
YouTube Preview Image

QlikView Mobile White Papers

Data Sheet: QlikView on Mobile

Technical Brief: Mobile Security

Technical Brief: Mobile User Interface Design Best Practices

The Ajax Client can be localized now

The Ajax client can be now be localized. Therefore you have just to change a section in the settings.ini file for the QlikView server.

A Proxy Page has been added to QlikView WebParts & QlikView Workbench

A proxy page has been added to both QlikView Web Parts and QlikView Workbench in order to help avoid cross-side scripting issues when the AccessPoint is located on a different machine than the website hosting the QlikView Objects.

Determine the client

To determine the current client a new function called ClientPlatform() has been introduced.

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