QlikTip #35: Some hints on working with the QlikView Designer (Part 2 – Moving/Copying Objects)

This is the second part of the series of articles summarizing some hints for working with the QlikView Designer. In this part I’ll show you what you need to know about “Moving/Copying objects” in QlikView.

This topics sound so easy and probably it is, but just for a complete series on working with the QlikView Designer I have to include this …

Moving/Copying objects in QlikView

First of all you can move single object by using your mouse:

Just click on the title bar of an objects and drag the object to the desired position:

Moving objects by using the mouse

If you hold the Ctrl key the object will be copied:

Copying objects by holding the Ctrl key

Copying/Moving an object can not only be done within a sheet but also to other sheets: Just drop the object onto the desired tab:

Moving or copying an object onto another sheet

Keyboard shortcuts for moving/sizing

If you want to use only the keyboard you can use the following shortcuts:

Shortcut Description
Ctrl + up/down/left/right arrows Move object by one pixel
Ctrl + Shift + up/down/left/right arrows Move object by 10 pixel
Ctrl + C Copy the object (like in any other Windows program)
Ctrl + V Paste the copied object either on the same sheet, another sheet, or even another QV-application (like in any other Windows program)
Using the shortcuts is also possible if the object is locked!

Locking objects

If you want to prevent that object can be moved/copied/sized you can lock an object by setting the following properties in the object’s properties:

Locking Objects

If you want to move/copy an object although it is locked, just press the Alt key. While pressing the Alt key the locking-restriction will be temporarily suspended.
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