Set Analysis Wizard for QlikView

Do you normally succeed CREATING and DOCUMENTING a Set Analysis expression/formula like the following one in less than two minutes?


I do normally not! And even if I would, after two weeks I cannot remember why I have created this statement like this …

That’s why I have created the “Set Analysis Wizard for QlikView” ;-)

Introducing the Set Analysis Wizard for QlikView

So let’s directly jump to the result in the “Set Analysis Wizard for QlikView”:

If you open the above mentioned expression in the wizard, you’ll see the following:

And if you click on the tab “Generated Expression (+ Comments)” you’ll see the following:

You are welcome to add/change set modifiers at any time:

So what’s happening here?

By using the “Set Analysis Wizard for QlikView” you’ll now have a tool which

  • enables you creating Set Analysis Expressions in WYSIWIG mode (!!!)
  • Event the most complex Set Analysis Expressions will be documented automatically
  • optionally you can save the expression on the server and edit/change/enhance it at any time
  • furthermore you can share the created expression with others

Step by Step Instructions

Hopefully a step by step instruction is not necessary.
I have worked hard to create a self explanatory user interface (but if I did not succeed in your opinion, please do not hesitate to tell me!)

So just give it a try:

Open the Set Analysis Wizard for QlikView

Load the example mentioned at the beginning of this article


I have added some examples which can be directly opened in the wizard:

All examples can be opened directly in the wizard

Sharing your Set Analysis Expressions

Feel free to share your results.
Just click on “Save result for later usage and sharing” and two things will happen:

  1. The Set Analysis Expression will be saved on the server and you can come back later an re-edit it at any time.(The link for re-opening the Set Analysis Expression will be added to the comment of the expression automatically)
  2. Furthermore you can share your expression with colleagues, in discussion forums, and so on …
Enable "Save result for later usage or sharing" and "Share Expression"

Enable "Save result for later usage or sharing" and "Share Expression"


So far this is the first beta version.
I have not included QlikView 11 support (Alternate States) so far, but for sure, this is the next update you can expect …

Feedback, Improvements, etc.

Please give me feedback:

  • Do you like the Set Analysis Wizard?
  • What is missing?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • etc.
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