QlikTip #42: Try the new “QlikView Governance Dashboard”

Recently the QlikView Governance Dashboard has been published and is absolutely worth to be reviewed a little bit …

What is this “QlikView Governance Dashboard” for?

If you already know the Metadata Powertools published on QlikCommunity you’ll find some of the existing concepts in “QlikView Governance Dashboard”:

The QlikView Governance Dashboard is a free QlikView application that delivers a 360 degree view of any QlikView deployment by illustrating its efficiency and effectiveness. It allows IT professionals to discover insights about how QlikView is being used as well as providing a centralized view to metadata, data governance and data lineage.

So “QlikView Governance Dashboard” scans your entire QlikView environment and collects meta data which will be visualized in the “QlikView Governance Dashboard”:

  • Information about your QlikView applications
    • Number of tables, fields, etc.
    • Structure of your QlikView applications: objects, measures, etc.
    • Analysis of the complexity of all your applications, resulting in the complexity analysis (which is my absolute favorite)
  • Information about your data sources
  • Information about your load tasks
  • Data lineage for all your applications
  • Statistics of QlikView Server (RAM usage, CPU, max VM committed and so on)


Installation & System Requirements

  • Download “QlikView Governance Dashboard” from QlikMarket
  • Installation is easy, just follow the installer’s instructions.
  • QlikView Governance Dashboard is available for the following systems:
    • Detailed system requirements are available here


Configuration of QlikView Governance Dashboard is absolutely easy:

Just open the application and follow the instruction within the “Configuration” tab, then click on the “Scan” button:


Some screenshots

After having installed you can explore your entire QlikView environments, below some highlights:

“QlikView Governance Dashboard – Overview”


Detailled information about a single QVW: 


Overview of the objects used within a single QlikView application:


Detailled server statistics:


My favorite section, the “Complexity Analysis” which is a perfect starting point for getting a feeling which applications should be optimized, which are the complex ones, …


Further information

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