Set Analysis Wizard as a Document Extension?

It is really amazing: Since I have published the Set Analysis Wizard some months ago this is by far the most requested resource on my blog:

  • About 300 unique QlikView developers / day are using the wizard on weekdays (!!!)
  • They create about 2.5 expressions on average
  • More than 50% of these users are recurring visitors

So it seems that the Set Analysis Wizard is helpful for at least some of the QlikView developers out there …

On the other hand I am really surprised that one of the features I have implemented is only used by 5% of all users. I talk about the ability to share created expressions with other developers … It took some time to implement this functionality but obviously this is not really a killer feature …

Porting the Set Analysis Wizard to a Document Extension Solution …

Having now in mind that sharing is not really necessary and helpful I am thinking about porting the whole solution to a document extension solution.

This should not be that tricky because most of the code is already based on JavaScript and would also make some essential advantages possible:

  • Tight integration into the place where you are developing your applications
  • Offline use
  • Selecting from the fields of your current application
  • Reviewing the results of your expression immediately


But …

But I am not really sure if it is (really) worth putting additional effort into this solution because I do not really know how you are using the existing wizard and especially which features you are missing, so …

… I need your help!

Please give me an idea how you are using the Set Analysis Wizard:

  • How do you use the Set Analysis Wizard in your daily work as a QlikView developer?
  • If you do not use it, why?
  • What features are missing?
  • Do you need more examples?
  • Are you (really) missing the support of using “Alternate States”?
  • Would it be helpful having the Set Analysis Wizard available as a document extensions?


Please use the comment section below for your feedback, which is really appreciated!

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