OnOffSwitch QlikView Extension

In the recent months I have seen a lot of QlikView applications where QlikView developers & designers have used layout techniques in combination with “Show Conditions” to enable the feeling to have a control that allows the user to change the state of a variable. This technique works, but it is always a little bit tricky to set up and is time consuming.

So I have created a QlikView object extension which encapsulates the logic describes above, I have named this extension “OnOffSwitch”.

QlikView Extension OnOffSwitch


  • Use this extension to allow users to change the value of a variable with a nice looking interface (very similar to the experience on an iPad).
  • You can use this extensions multiple times on each QlikView sheet to manipulate different variables.
  • No need to code anything, all properties can be set in the extension’s property dialog.
  • Settings via extension’s property dialog:
    • Name of the variable to be manipulated
    • Label for on/off status

Download & Further Instructions

I have posted the project on github.com/stefanwalther/qvOnOffSwitch where you can find the following

  • The extension itself (.qar file)
  • Further instructions how to use the extension
  • A QlikView example application
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