Starting to work with the QlikView Management Services API (QMS API), Some Useful Resources (QlikTip #51)

The QlikView Management Services API (QMS API) is an officially supported web service based API to get access to functionality behind QlikView Server and QlikView Publisher. Using the QMS API everything which can be done within the QlikView Mangement Console (QMC) can also be accomplished programmatically (and much more!!!).

In my opinion the QMS API is the most beautiful API QlikView offers (probably because it is one of the newest ones …). But at the same time I only see a few partner solutions available using the possibilities of this API. Really wondering why!

While I am using the QMS API quite often, to be honest I have never found the time to write some very basic articles explaining the QMS API.

Basic Introduction

Fortunately my colleague Joe Bickley has found the time to write some excellent articles which are perfect starting to work with the QMS API:

Other Articles & Resources:

Here are some other collected resources related to the QMS API:

EDX Related Resources:

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