Improved WebPageViewer QlikView Extension (WebPageViewer2)

The “WebPageViewer” extension which will be installed with the QlikView installation (C:\Program Files\QlikView\Examples\Extensions\ExtensionExamples.qar) contains a little bug. That’s why I have created a new QlikView extension called “WebPageViewer2” with some little improvements.

Purpose of this QlikView Object Extension

The purpose of this QlikView extension is easy to describe: Integrate an existing web page into an existing QlikView application by just defining the Url of the web page.

Bugfix & New Feature:

Bugfix for multiple instances of WebPageViewer on one sheet
The standard WebPageViewer extension does not allow to place multiple instances of the extension on one sheet. I have fixed this in WebPageViewer2.

New Feature: “Prevent Interaction”
If this option is ticked the user will not be able to interact with the web page loaded in the extension (e.g. clicking on links, etc.
I will describe in one of my next posts a scenario why I needed this new functionality for a concrete project.


WebPageViewer2 Extension - Adding the Extension

WebPageViewer2 Extension - Property Dialog


The extension (.qar file) can be downloaded from

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  1. Fabian
    Posted June 30, 2013 at 11:55 | Permalink

    Hi Stefan,

    thanks for sharing this extension!
    Do you think it is possible to alter this extension in order to prevent refreshing the viewer? I think it is for some extensions kind of annoying that the page is refreshed, each time you make a selection in QlikView. Sure, if you are doing analysis it makes sense, but if you want to display static webpage content, or a html form, it should not refresh each time.


  2. Chuck
    Posted July 23, 2013 at 12:47 | Permalink

    Same here….how to prevent the viewer from “reloading” when you click on the tab that it is contained by. I am exposing a web app that allows the users to CRUD assumption data. It reloads on every click and tab change…..perhaps I need to store a “state”?

  3. Martin
    Posted August 29, 2013 at 09:02 | Permalink

    can you tell which user is used to view a shown webpage? Or is it possible to forward the windows-user to the shown webpage?


  4. Mohamed Jubair
    Posted September 26, 2013 at 12:19 | Permalink


    Thank you very much for sharing this extension.Its is very helpful.

    QlikView Services

  5. krishna
    Posted March 7, 2014 at 08:56 | Permalink

    Hi walther,
    I am new for Qlik and I am eager to learn Qlik and integrate Qlik chart and controls in my websites and web applications, Can you give me brief idea how to integrate these Qlik controls into my web application and web sites.

    Krishna Kumar
    Sr Software engineer
    MCN Solutions, INDIA

  6. Damien Trippeda
    Posted March 26, 2014 at 17:03 | Permalink

    Hi Stefan, I’m getting some weird behaviors with this extension that I was hoping you could help with. I have a master portal environment I am setting up, to allow users to drill through multiple levels of company heirarchy, and see a different portal at each level from Company > Segment > Business Unit, etc…

    I’ve set up my document to switch to a new tab automatically based on the selections, this way each tab can maintain the specifics for that level of the portal. I’m having an issue though where it works to drill down (from company to segment, from segment to business unit.. etc) however when trying to return up a level qlikview seems to lock the object to the previous selection state.

    I’ve tried changing the options to prevent reloading, on and off.. I’ve made action scripts that store the selections to variables, wipe out the selections, and then reselect the field based on variable to force the object to load a new address… nothing. This drill-through action is critical to the portal environment I’m developing so any ideas would be extremely appreciated.