Improved WebPageViewer QlikView Extension (WebPageViewer2)

The “WebPageViewer” extension which will be installed with the QlikView installation (C:\Program Files\QlikView\Examples\Extensions\ExtensionExamples.qar) contains a little bug. That’s why I have created a new QlikView extension called “WebPageViewer2” with some little improvements.

Purpose of this QlikView Object Extension

The purpose of this QlikView extension is easy to describe: Integrate an existing web page into an existing QlikView application by just defining the Url of the web page.

Bugfix & New Feature:

Bugfix for multiple instances of WebPageViewer on one sheet
The standard WebPageViewer extension does not allow to place multiple instances of the extension on one sheet. I have fixed this in WebPageViewer2.

New Feature: “Prevent Interaction”
If this option is ticked the user will not be able to interact with the web page loaded in the extension (e.g. clicking on links, etc.
I will describe in one of my next posts a scenario why I needed this new functionality for a concrete project.


WebPageViewer2 Extension - Adding the Extension

WebPageViewer2 Extension - Property Dialog


The extension (.qar file) can be downloaded from

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