D3 Bullet Charts / BulletGraph Object Extension

If you install QlikView you’ll find an extension example called “Bullet Chart” with a basic implementation to integrate bullet charts in QlikView.

This results into a basic bullet chart but without a description and sub-title of the KPI, furthermore if you want to add a series of KPIs you have to create and configure several instances of the “Bullet Chart” extension.

While this kind of visualization (based on a concept created by Stephen Few) is quite famous this extension here offers some more functionality based on a piece of code I have found on bl.ocks.org.

Screenshots of the D3BulletCharts Extension

Adding the D3BulletCharts extension:

The D3BulletCharts extension in action:



This QlikView Object Extension is only developed and tested with QlikView 11 SR2 or higher.


Source Code, .qar file and a sample application can be downloaded from GitHub.
The demo application also includes a sample how the data has to be structured in the QlikView data model to be used by this extension.


Please post issues with the extension on GitHub.

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