QlikNews “QlikTech Welcomes Competition with IBM Cognos Express”

Interessanter Artikel auf itjungle.com als Reaktion auf das neue Produkt von IBM namens “Cognos Express” mit dem IBM auch den Markt der In-Memory-Analyse nutzen will (siehe dazu “IBM Targets Mid Market with Cognos Express“).

Interessanteste Aussagen in diesem Artikel:

  • “This leads Deighton to a key difference between QlikView and Cognos Express. Whereas QlikView is based on an associative database that provides multidimensional analysis capabilities, Cognos Express is rightly described as a full OLAP product, which creates and stores “cubes” of multi-dimensional data.”
  • “At the end of the day, Deighton (senior vice president of QlikTech) welcomes the competition from IBM, and the renewed focus it brings on developing mid-market BI software. “There tends to be a lower adoption of traditional BI technology in the mid market. It’s expensive and difficult to use,” he says. “The more we can get people to focus on this part of the industry, the better.””


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