QlikTip #25: How do you organize your QlikView projects in your file system?

In the last three years I have quite often changed my standard concept of structuring my (customers’) QlikView projects in the file system. But for about 1 1/2 years “my” concept seems to be stable :-):

My favourite way of organizing the QlikView projects in the file system

Some hints:

  • In 0_Scripts all included scripts are saved
  • 1_Resources includes all Excel-files, settings files and other resources (eg. images, pictures, CSV-files, …) to be used within the load-script.
  • Under 2_QvdGenerators I place all my QlikView files generating QVD-files. All the QVD-files are placed within the subfolder “QVD” (and sometimes certainly subfolders of QVD)
  • In 3_DataModell I save my QlikView-file generating the datamodell, putting all QVD-files together to a nice datamodell.
  • In 4_Application the final result of my application is located, just loading the data modell with a BINARY LOAD and adding the user-interface to the available data.

Important notes and advantages of this approach

  • This structure does only work, if you have relative paths enabled. If doing so you can easily copy the development solution to the production folder or even to the production-system on another server.
  • Obviously this is just a standard structure, in smaller projects some of the folders would not be used, in larger projects I would add some sub-folders, but in general the structure remains the same …
  • When working in large projects (e.g. applications with 50 GB) you can easily work with a smaller datamodell (only a subset of the final dataset) and create your user interface without having to save each time a 50GB large file … for doing so just change the BINARY LOAD in your development environment and change it again to the large file in PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT …
  • You can easily put this structure to your production environment just via copy&paste

How do you structure your QlikView projects?

I am interested in your personal way of organizing the projects.
Please use the comment functionality below to post your ideas.

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