So I’m back …

I haven’t written to this blog for almost three months now.

Two big changes has happened in my life in the meantime:

  • I have become a daddy
  • I have changed my profession

Talking about being a father now would be nice but does not really fit into the topics of this blog. But talking about my new job really does!
I am proud to announce that I have joined QlikTech as an employee in Nov 2010. I am working now as a PreSales Consultant at QlikTech. This brings me to the most important point related to this blog:

I can now concentrate on Business Intelligence and QlikView by 100%. Doing so I will definitely continue to write articles on But in comparison to the past I will try to broaden the topics I write about a little bit.

My personal goal is to write about QlikView and related technologies/concepts which are often used when working on Business Intelligence projects with QlikView.

So at the moment I have the following topic map in my mind:

  • QlikView, QlikView, QlikView
  • QlikView Publisher/Server
  • Publishing more tools for the daily work with QlikView like the “Nested if-generator tool”, which is used by visitors of more than 100-times used a day (!!!!)
  • QlikView APIs
  • Related web technologies (At least since introduction of extension in QV know-how of web-related technologies become more and more important for QV-developers!)
  • QlikView related scripting- and programming-languages (like SQL, VBScript, JavaScript, C#)
  • Operating systems both on client and server side

So stay tuned and subscribe to the RSS-feed or just drop me some lines which article you would like to read here as soon as possible!


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