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Using Bootstrap CSS in Qlik Sense Visualization Extensions

Demonstration how to use Bootstrap within Qlik Sense Visualization Extensions without clashing the style of Qlik Sense.

Funnel Chart Visualization Extension for Qlik Sense

I have just published a customizable Funnel chart Visualization Extension for Qlik Sense: Documentation & Download:

MediaBox Visualization Extension for Qlik Sense

The idea behind the MediaBox Visualization Extension is to have on Visualization Extension for Qlik Sense which can serve different media types. As of now the following media types are supported: (External) Images Videos Web sites Screenshots Roadmap I am planning to support more media types, but I need your feedback! What are the media […]

Calendar Heatmap Visualization Extension for Qlik Sense

This is the port of my Calendar Heatmap Extension to Qlik Sense.

QR Code Visualization Extension for Qlik Sense

I have created this Visualization Extension for Qlik Sense for a customer who is presenting some dashboards in kiosk mode and wanted to include a QR Code to point to some offerings on their website. You can download this Visualization Extension from GitHub.

Generate Your Qlik Sense Extension in Less Than 2 Minutes

I have created this tool for my daily work. Instead of always reinventing the wheel and setting up a project structure for Qlik Sense Extensions, I prefer to let it generated. Project Site:

See you there?: Hackathon@Qonnections2014

I hope will see you there – I’m sure it will be fund, and I am really lookking forward to see the results at the evening on Sunday!!! BTW, I’ll also show you some new nice QlikView.Next related examples – if you like … Regards Stefan We’re pleased to announce the inaugural Qlik Hackathon for […]