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Category Archives: Design & Layout

QlikTip #35: Some hints on working with the QlikView Designer (Part 2 – Moving/Copying Objects)

This is the second part of the series of articles summarizing some hints for working with the QlikView Designer. In this part I’ll show you what you need to know about “Moving/Copying objects” in QlikView. Part 1: Using the design mode of QlikView Part 2: Moving/Copying objects (this article) Part 3: Linking objects Part 4: […]

QlikTip #34: Some hints on working with the QlikView Designer (Part 1 – QlikView Designer)

A colleague asked me today to promote the two blog-posts where the QV10 feature of moving objects while pressing the ALT-key is explained (see and I thought instead of just posting these two links I could deliver more value by starting a series of articles which cover most of the tipps & hints […]

QlikTips #33: Google Maps are not working anymore in QlikView 10 SR2 ???

This week I have received some eMails and read some posts that Google maps do not work anymore after upgrading to QV 10 SR2. This QlikTips shows how to overcome these troubles ...

QlikTip #26: Introducing Linked Objects in QlikView 10

In QlikView 10 a new (very, very nice) functionality will be added: Linked Objects Instead of copying some objects to other sheets and having to change the properties of these objects independently you can link some objects together and change these properties only once. All changes will be automatically shared with all other linked objects. […]