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Category Archives: Creating Applications

Nice read: “List boxes are all right”

Just wanted to point you to a very insteresting article by Stephen Radmond from “Qlik Tips”. He explains why it absolutely makes sense placing list boxes and selections in general on the right side of the screen … especially if you are designing your QlikView applications for an iPad. Imagine the difference: becomes (Images copied […]

Posting Data from QlikView to Other Systems using the Ajax Client

There are many scenarios where it is necessary to process QlikView data with other systems. There are many approaches and examples available how this can be achieved using Macros (based on the QlikView IE-Plugin) but this article cover how you can realize such a requirement by using only the QlikView Ajax client. Scenarios Let’s first […]

Formatting QlikView Data the Web Way (qTemplate Object Extension)

I recently came across some projects with some special layout requirements. While it would certainly be possible to create a separate QlikView extension for every requirement I wanted to find a more generic an reusable approach for rendering QlikView content. The goal was to bring some capabilities into QlikView (using an extension) which makes formatting […]

QlikTip #41: Exporting Current Selections for Excel Export in Ajax/Mobile Client

In one of my previous posts I explained how to enable the automatic integration of current selections within the Excel-export of QlikView Desktop or QlikView IE-Plugin. I received a lot of eMails how to force this for the Ajax-Client and/or Mobile-Client, here’s the answer: Setup for QlikView Server Open the settings.ini file for your QlikView […]

Set Analysis Wizard for QlikView

The Set Analysis Wizard for QlikView is a wizard which automatically creates set analysis expressions based on a WYSIWIG user interface.

QlikTip #35: Some hints on working with the QlikView Designer (Part 2 – Moving/Copying Objects)

This is the second part of the series of articles summarizing some hints for working with the QlikView Designer. In this part I’ll show you what you need to know about “Moving/Copying objects” in QlikView. Part 1: Using the design mode of QlikView Part 2: Moving/Copying objects (this article) Part 3: Linking objects Part 4: […]

QlikTip #34: Some hints on working with the QlikView Designer (Part 1 – QlikView Designer)

A colleague asked me today to promote the two blog-posts where the QV10 feature of moving objects while pressing the ALT-key is explained (see and I thought instead of just posting these two links I could deliver more value by starting a series of articles which cover most of the tipps & hints […]