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Starting to work with the QlikView Management Services API (QMS API), Some Useful Resources (QlikTip #51)

The QlikView Management Services API (QMS API) is an officially supported web service based API to get access to functionality behind QlikView Server and QlikView Publisher. Using the QMS API everything which can be done within the QlikView Mangement Console (QMC) can also be accomplished programmatically (and much more!!!). In my opinion the QMS API […]

QlikTip #37: Retrieve all EDX tasks from QMSAPi

QlikView’s QMSAPI offers the method IQMS.FindEDX which returns all EDX tasks matching the given name. If you have a look at the detailed explanation of this function it will return any EDX task containing the value for the given string: So testing this in a real world scenario where you have the following EDX tasks: […]