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QlikTip #36: Loading a mapping table directly from a QVD file (QV10 SR2+)

In the past it was not possible to load a mapping table directly from a QVD file. We had to use some workarounds to break the optimized load like: [qvl highlight=”7″] Mapping_Map: Mapping LOAD Field1, Field2 FROM qvdFile.qvd (qvd) WHERE 1=1; [/qvl] or [qvl] Mappping_Map: Mapping LOAD Field1, Field2, 1 as Field_temp FROM qvdFile.qvd (qvd); […]

QlikChallenge #1: Getting the max value over multiple expressions

This is the first challenge for all QlikView professionals ... Have a look at it and post your (most elegant) solution!

QlikTip #30: How to delete existing QVD files via load-script

In some delta-load scenarios it may be necessary to delete specific QVD files from within your load-script (QVD-Generator). This article shows three completely different ways to achieve that goal.

QlikTip #9: Deleting variables via user-interface, within the load-script or by using macros (translated)

There are three different options for deleting variables in QlikView: Deleting using the “Variable Overview” Deleting within the load-script Deleting using macros Option 1: Deleting using the “Variable Overview” For deleting a variable using the “Variable Overview” within the windows client just follow the steps below: Call the “Variable Overview” dialog (Menu => Settings => […]

QlikTip #25: How do you organize your QlikView projects in your file system?

In the last three years I have quite often changed my standard concept of structuring my (customers’) QlikView projects in the file system. But for about 1 1/2 years “my” concept seems to be stable :-): Some hints: In 0_Scripts all included scripts are saved 1_Resources includes all Excel-files, settings files and other resources (eg. […]

QlikTip #3: Check whether a field exists or not (translated and improved)

If you want to load all fields in a table or a QVD file in loading scripts (so typically SELECT * FROM... scenarios), it is often necessary to know whether a field (within a table) exists or not. The following code example demonstrates how this can be achieved: [qvl] Customers: LOAD * INLINE [ CustomerId, […]

QlikTip #23: Deleting fields within a load-script dynamically

Some days ago I was asked how one could delete fields dynamically within/after a load-script in QlikView based on the name of the field/column. So all columns for example with a prefix “F_” should be deleted after loading all tables from a database. My first response was, that the “Table functions” (please have a look […]