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Starting to work with the QlikView Management Services API (QMS API), Some Useful Resources (QlikTip #51)

The QlikView Management Services API (QMS API) is an officially supported web service based API to get access to functionality behind QlikView Server and QlikView Publisher. Using the QMS API everything which can be done within the QlikView Mangement Console (QMC) can also be accomplished programmatically (and much more!!!). In my opinion the QMS API […]

A Comprehensive List of QlikView Object Extensions (01/2013)

QlikView Extensions are great, but it is not easy to find a list of all QlikView extensions available, so I have created this list of freely accessible QlikView extensions (all of them available for download plus source code).

Nice Read: The Evolving Database Landscape

Very nice report and visualization about the evolving and changing database landscape by “451 Reasearch”: The evolving database landscape (copyright 451 Research) I can also recommend to read the research report “MySQL vs. NoSQL and NewSQL: 2011-2015″

Nice read: “List boxes are all right”

Just wanted to point you to a very insteresting article by Stephen Radmond from “Qlik Tips”. He explains why it absolutely makes sense placing list boxes and selections in general on the right side of the screen … especially if you are designing your QlikView applications for an iPad. Imagine the difference: becomes (Images copied […]

Some thoughts about password strength

I wish you all a good start into a successfull and happy year 2012. How do you choose your most secure passwords? I just have to share this, this is brilliant: Source:

Nice Read/Watch: QlikView Scalability Videos

Recently there have been posted some really nice and interesting vidos on Scalability with QlikView on YouTube: QlikView Scalability – Video 1: Overview “This video introduces the 5 part video series and provides a high-level overview of the topics associated with understanding how QlikView can scale.” QlikView Scalability – Video 2: System Resource Usage “This […]

Nice read: How to use Git with QlikView

Peter Magnusson (the author behind has posted a really nice explanation on how QlikView and Git can work together …. For all who are working with Git this is really worth reading …!