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Starting to work with the QlikView Management Services API (QMS API), Some Useful Resources (QlikTip #51)

The QlikView Management Services API (QMS API) is an officially supported web service based API to get access to functionality behind QlikView Server and QlikView Publisher. Using the QMS API everything which can be done within the QlikView Mangement Console (QMC) can also be accomplished programmatically (and much more!!!). In my opinion the QMS API […]

QlikView Mashup Examples & Documentation (QlikTip #48)

Creating Mashups in QlikView is extremely simple but I am very often surprised that QlikView’s ability to integrate QlikView documents and objects into other web application is not used very often, sometimes it is not even known that this can be achieved easily. Maybe one reason for that is that documentation and examples are very […]

QlikTip #44: How I Use Visual 2010 to Develop QlikView Extensions

A short introduction and step-by-step guide how I use Visual 2010 to develop QlikView extensions.

QlikTip #38: How to install a local and lightweight SMTP/POP3 service on Windows 7

This article demonstrates how to install a lightweight SMTP service on your local machine to demonstrate some of QlikView's functionality which requires an active SMTP account.

QlikTip #36: Loading a mapping table directly from a QVD file (QV10 SR2+)

In the past it was not possible to load a mapping table directly from a QVD file. We had to use some workarounds to break the optimized load like: [qvl highlight=”7″] Mapping_Map: Mapping LOAD Field1, Field2 FROM qvdFile.qvd (qvd) WHERE 1=1; [/qvl] or [qvl] Mappping_Map: Mapping LOAD Field1, Field2, 1 as Field_temp FROM qvdFile.qvd (qvd); […]

QlikTip #29: Restarting/Stopping/Starting services in QlikView 10

Just a short update to the post "Restarting/Stopping/Starting services in QlikView" for version 10 of QlikView because some of the windows-services have changed in QlikView 10:

QlikTip #28: Configuring “Associative Search” in QlikView 10

In QlikTip#26 I announced to write some details on how to configure “Associative Search” in QlikView 10. First of all I’d like to bring the following article on “Associative Search” to your attention which has been posted in the new QlikView 10 WIKI section on An excerpt of the most important part of this […]