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Category Archives: QlikView 10

QlikTip #27: Introducing “Associative Search” in QlikView 10

With QlikView 10 a very powerful new feature has been added: “Associative Search“. This feature gives the end user the possibility to search for values in a listbox considering associated data to get the desired results. For example: Instead of directly selecting/searching for the company named “YXZ Company” within the “Company”-listbox, you can enter the […]

QlikView 10 is generally available

Nice news: QlikView 10 is generally available … Check the official page at Availability: QlikView 10 can be viewed in action at and will be available for free download shortly at So it is time to publish a lot of new articles about QlikView 10 I have tested QlikView 10 quite intensively […]

QlikTip #26: Introducing Linked Objects in QlikView 10

In QlikView 10 a new (very, very nice) functionality will be added: Linked Objects Instead of copying some objects to other sheets and having to change the properties of these objects independently you can link some objects together and change these properties only once. All changes will be automatically shared with all other linked objects. […]