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Category Archives: QlikView 11

QlikView Mashup Examples & Documentation (QlikTip #48)

Creating Mashups in QlikView is extremely simple but I am very often surprised that QlikView’s ability to integrate QlikView documents and objects into other web application is not used very often, sometimes it is not even known that this can be achieved easily. Maybe one reason for that is that documentation and examples are very […]

Reloading QlikView Documents using the Ajax-/Mobile-Client (Triggering EDX Tasks by using a QlikView Extension) (QlikTip #47)

It is quite easy to reload a current QlikView document if you are using the IE-Plugin or QlikView Desktop. But achieving the same result if you are using the Ajax-/Web-/Mobile-Client is a bit more demaning. The solution described here closes the gap using a combined approach of misc. QlikView integration techniques: The QMS API (QlikView […]

QlikTip #44: How I Use Visual 2010 to Develop QlikView Extensions

A short introduction and step-by-step guide how I use Visual 2010 to develop QlikView extensions.

QlikView 11 SR2

QlikView 11 SR2 has been published today (Built 11414). The most interesting news on QlikView 11 SR2: With this release also “Offline Views” or “QlikView Offline Capability” for iPad, so the ability to browse data on iPad offline, has been added to this release … More news on that this evening soon …

QlikTip #38: How to install a local and lightweight SMTP/POP3 service on Windows 7

This article demonstrates how to install a lightweight SMTP service on your local machine to demonstrate some of QlikView's functionality which requires an active SMTP account.