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QlikTip #38: How to install a local and lightweight SMTP/POP3 service on Windows 7

This article demonstrates how to install a lightweight SMTP service on your local machine to demonstrate some of QlikView's functionality which requires an active SMTP account.

QlikTip #22: Restarting/Stopping/Starting services in QlikView 9

Even if already published on another Qlikview related blog I just wanted to have this here because I am using it quite often. For starting/stopping/restarting the QlikView Windows-services of QlikView server in version 9 I have prepared three batch-scripts which I call on demand: Restarting all QlikView related Windows-services (Just) stopping the QV Windows-services: (Just) […]

QlikTip #21: Running QlikView 8.5 and QlikView 9 side by side

Just a very short (very, very short) tip today. I was asked how one could run QlikView 8.5 and QlikView 9 one one system … That’s absolutely no problem. During the installation of QlikView 9 Desktop (when having QlikView 8.5 already installed) just choose another installation path as suggested (e.g. C:\Program Files\QlikView_9 instead of C:\Program […]

QlikTip #18: A workaround for passing parameters to QlikView-macros

When calling macros from the user interface you cannot pass a parameter to the function called in QlikView. This behavior is quite annoying …! But the workaround explained here will show you a possibility how you can “simulate” passing parameters to macro-functions: The idea behind is quite simple. In QlikView 9 we have now actions […]