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Set Analysis Wizard as a Document Extension?

It is really amazing: Since I have published the Set Analysis Wizard some months ago this is by far the most requested resource on my blog: About 300 unique QlikView developers / day are using the wizard on weekdays (!!!) They create about 2.5 expressions on average More than 50% of these users are recurring […]

Set Analysis Wizard for QlikView

The Set Analysis Wizard for QlikView is a wizard which automatically creates set analysis expressions based on a WYSIWIG user interface.

A little tool for creating nested if-statements

Nested If-statements are sometimes necessary in QlikView- load-scripts, unfortunately. They are quite difficult to read and very tricky to create and especially to debug. In the last recent months I had a lot of projects where a tenfold nesting of if-statements was not uncommon. After struggling with these nested ifs for a while I decided […]