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Pre-Selecting a Category in QlikView AccessPoint (QlikTip #52)

This article demonstrates a custom solution how to pre-select a category in QlikView AccessPoint. The pre-selected category will be opened by default, but the user still has the possibility to change the category by using the category select box (which is the default behavior of QlikView AccessPoint).

QlikTip #42: Try the new “QlikView Governance Dashboard”

Recently the QlikView Governance Dashboard has been published and is absolutely worth to be reviewed a little bit … What is this “QlikView Governance Dashboard” for? If you already know the Metadata Powertools published on QlikCommunity you’ll find some of the existing concepts in “QlikView Governance Dashboard”: The QlikView Governance Dashboard is a free QlikView […]

QlikTip #40: Installing/Deploying QlikView Extensions

After the last post I received some eMails how to deploy QlikView Extensions. Altough this information is already available somewhere in the QlikCommunity here is the short instruction. Installing a .qar file If you have downloaded a .qar (QlikView Archive file) it is easy to install this file for later usage within the QlikView Desktop: […]

Nice Read/Watch: QlikView Scalability Videos

Recently there have been posted some really nice and interesting vidos on Scalability with QlikView on YouTube: QlikView Scalability – Video 1: Overview “This video introduces the 5 part video series and provides a high-level overview of the topics associated with understanding how QlikView can scale.” QlikView Scalability – Video 2: System Resource Usage “This […]

QlikTip #29: Restarting/Stopping/Starting services in QlikView 10

Just a short update to the post "Restarting/Stopping/Starting services in QlikView" for version 10 of QlikView because some of the windows-services have changed in QlikView 10:

QlikTip #22: Restarting/Stopping/Starting services in QlikView 9

Even if already published on another Qlikview related blog I just wanted to have this here because I am using it quite often. For starting/stopping/restarting the QlikView Windows-services of QlikView server in version 9 I have prepared three batch-scripts which I call on demand: Restarting all QlikView related Windows-services @echo off REM ------------------------------------------------------- REM - […]

QlikTip #21: Running QlikView 8.5 and QlikView 9 side by side

Just a very short (very, very short) tip today. I was asked how one could run QlikView 8.5 and QlikView 9 one one system … That’s absolutely no problem. During the installation of QlikView 9 Desktop (when having QlikView 8.5 already installed) just choose another installation path as suggested (e.g. C:\Program Files\QlikView_9 instead of C:\Program […]