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QlikTip #28: Configuring “Associative Search” in QlikView 10

In QlikTip#26 I announced to write some details on how to configure “Associative Search” in QlikView 10. First of all I’d like to bring the following article on “Associative Search” to your attention which has been posted in the new QlikView 10 WIKI section on community.qlikview.com. An excerpt of the most important part of this […]

QlikTip #27: Introducing “Associative Search” in QlikView 10

With QlikView 10 a very powerful new feature has been added: “Associative Search“. This feature gives the end user the possibility to search for values in a listbox considering associated data to get the desired results. For example: Instead of directly selecting/searching for the company named “YXZ Company” within the “Company”-listbox, you can enter the […]