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OnOffSwitch QlikView Extension

"OnOffSwitch" is a QlikView object extension to enable the user to toggle the value of a variable in iPad style.

QlikView 11 SR2

QlikView 11 SR2 has been published today (Built 11414). The most interesting news on QlikView 11 SR2: With this release also “Offline Views” or “QlikView Offline Capability” for iPad, so the ability to browse data on iPad offline, has been added to this release … More news on that this evening soon …

News regarding QlikView 10.0 SR2

QlikView 10.0 SR2 has been published recently. This article contains a summary of the most important changes. QlikView for iPad / Ajax Touch Client The SR2 contains the new rendering engine optimized for touch feeling with the iPad client. Have a look a the following articles/viedos: Introducing QlikView on iPad A “marketing” video in QlikView […]