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QlikTip #36: Loading a mapping table directly from a QVD file (QV10 SR2+)

In the past it was not possible to load a mapping table directly from a QVD file. We had to use some workarounds to break the optimized load like: [qvl highlight=”7″] Mapping_Map: Mapping LOAD Field1, Field2 FROM qvdFile.qvd (qvd) WHERE 1=1; [/qvl] or [qvl] Mappping_Map: Mapping LOAD Field1, Field2, 1 as Field_temp FROM qvdFile.qvd (qvd); […]

QlikTip #20: Why we do not need a SELECT-CASE/Switch-Case in QlikView load-statements …

I have recently received the question why there is no SELECT-CASE or SWITCH statement available in QlikView within load-statements. Sure, if you are looking into the reference-manual or into the help file, you’ll find the SWITCH-CASE-statement, but this is a control statement so it cannot be used within a load-statement, e.g. this is possible [qvl] […]