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Improvements to WebPageViewer2 QlikView Extension

In the last months I have received quite often the request to add a new feature to my WebPageViewer2 extension (you could even say it’s a bugfix): The extension did reload the web page on every QlikView refresh event (e.g. making any selections), even if the Url of the web page did not change. Improvement […]

SlopeGraph for QlikView (D3SlopeGraph QlikView Extension)

Edward Tufte's slopegraph brought to QlikView as a solution using QlikView's extension concept and D3.

Calendar Heatmap QlikView Extension (D3CalendarView)

I have recently published a free calendar heatmap QliView extension to compare values on a day-per-day basis over a long period of time (several years). The extension is developed using D3 and based on an existing solution by Mike Bostok called "Calendar View".

QlikView Extension Tutorial #2: Hello World – Creating Your First QlikView Object Extension

OK, it’s now time to stop with theory and start coding. We’ll create our first “Hello World” extension.

Starting to Publish my QlikView Extension Tutorial: Motivation

This article is part of a series of articles, see also the table of contents. Beginning with QlikView 10 I have started to develop QlikView Extensions. To be honest, starting to work with this concept of creating plugins for QlikView was really hard. At this time only little documentation and only a few examples were […]

QlikView AutoRefresh Document Extension

I have uploaded a QlikView Document Extension which enables you to add the ability to a QlikView application that its UI will be refreshed automatically every X seconds. I have developed this extension some months ago and it is already used by quite a lot of customers and partners who are using this extension for […]

D3 Bullet Charts / BulletGraph Object Extension

If you install QlikView you’ll find an extension example called “Bullet Chart” with a basic implementation to integrate bullet charts in QlikView. This results into a basic bullet chart but without a description and sub-title of the KPI, furthermore if you want to add a series of KPIs you have to create and configure several […]