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OnOffSwitch QlikView Extension

"OnOffSwitch" is a QlikView object extension to enable the user to toggle the value of a variable in iPad style.

QlikTip #9: Deleting variables via user-interface, within the load-script or by using macros (translated)

There are three different options for deleting variables in QlikView: Deleting using the “Variable Overview” Deleting within the load-script Deleting using macros Option 1: Deleting using the “Variable Overview” For deleting a variable using the “Variable Overview” within the windows client just follow the steps below: Call the “Variable Overview” dialog (Menu => Settings => […]

QlikTip #18: A workaround for passing parameters to QlikView-macros

When calling macros from the user interface you cannot pass a parameter to the function called in QlikView. This behavior is quite annoying …! But the workaround explained here will show you a possibility how you can “simulate” passing parameters to macro-functions: The idea behind is quite simple. In QlikView 9 we have now actions […]